where champions are made in the gym
where champions are made in the gym

Our coaches strive to help each athlete reach their personal goals whether it be participating in a weekly class for fun and recreation, performing in exhibitions, competing for a high school team, competing in a Junior Olympic program, earning a college scholarship, or even making a World Championships team!


Regardless of each athletes intention with the sport, our coaches  challenge each child to develop flexibility, strength, discipline, control, coordination, goal orientation, and confidence.

Our Team


Greta Stone – Operations Manager

Denise Long – Accounts Manager

Stacie Gajevsky – Special Events Director & Recreational Coach

Megan Holbrook – Recreational Program Director & TOPS Coach

Rodney Cook - Recreational Program Manager & Tumbling Coach

Khadijah Karriem – Xcel Team Director

Joann Banaitis - Compulsory Director & Optionals Team Coach

AnneMarie Stovall - Office Staff

Logan Bell - Host

Reagan Eaton - Hostess

Julian Gomez - Optional Team Coach

 Kellie Slater – Optional Team Coach and Safety Champion

 Clint Walker – Compulsory & Optional Team Coach

 Julia Volpe – Compulsory Team Coach

Marjorie Strohmer – Xcel Team Coach

Beth Robertson – Team Coach & Recreational

Amber Allan - Recreational Coach

Alyssa Allen - Recreational Coach

Brooke Taylor - Recreational Coach

Sidney Dunn - Recreational Coach

Sophie Gonzalez - Recreational Coach

Kendyll Strohmer - Recreational Coach

Megan McGaughey - Recreational Coach

Callie Villarreal - Recreational Coach

 Eddie Cervantes – Tumbling Coach

Shalom Johnson – Preschool Coach

Miste Gonzales - Preschool Coach

Kynadee Zamora - Preschool Coach

Savannah Richardson – Special Events Staff

Alex Allan - Special Events Staff

Sarah Buchanan - Special Events Staff

Sarah Hensley - Special Events Staff

Nina Laurito - Special Events Staff

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